31 May 2006

Another Life Drawing Night

Last night I did another life drawing session.
This time there were 2 models posing at the same time!
The tutor explained that we needn't necessarily draw both models all the time and that it would have been wise to focus on only one model and give only a hint of the other.
Of course I disregarded this advice and, as I have a competitive nature, took it as a challenge against time to see whether I could draw both models on all poses.
In that respect it didn't go too bad even because I also disregarded the other usual advice of drawing as big as you can, using charcoals on the usual enourmous sheets of paper on the easel and instead opted for an A4 sketchbook and pencil. I have instead mixed feelings about the artistic value of some of the drawings. Maybe there was something in what the tutor said after all.
Towards the end of the session the lights went off for a power failure and we all remained in the dark. Only Matt Cruickshank heroically didn't give up on drawing and regardeless of the darkness, aided by the light produced by his mobile phone kept on working on those fantastic sketches of his.


Matt J said...

Hey Max, good to meet you last night, it was a pleasure talking to you. You're not bad for a 'dodgy guy'!

max said...

Hi Matt,
you're not bad yourself.
Great pleasure to speak to you too.
And who would have thought that we ended up finding out of having the same challanges regarding women and life-drawing.
See you soon