04 August 2006

Drawing fun

I've done some cleanings in my studio in the past couple of days (I still have a few days to go) and I found this old drawing of mine.
It was on top of the pile of the old life drawings so I must have done it at the very last session before my recent two years break from life drawing (I'll write about that another time).
I can actually remember the moment I was doing it and I can also remember how I was elated by the drawing that was coming out.
I remember looking at the face of the model, studying it and finding his uncanny resemblance to a young Marcello Mastroianni very funny, I just couldn't stop pointing at it with my drawing and being more and more exhilarated by the look of the result.
I drew him again recently but his new hairstyle hides the resemblance.
Time for a haircut mate.


Stef said...

hey Max! How's life?

max said...

That could have been a million dollar question but this time I have an answer. It's full of joy and yesterday I bought a good brush in Covent Garden.