24 September 2006

St. Mary's Yard

Just round the corner from Ladywell Station there's the 'boneyard' as the local down-and-outs call the small cemetery next to St. Mary's Church.
They made this place their home, how to blame them, it's a great spot indeed.
As I was sharing the 'yard with them, me sketching away, them drinking their firewater, a song kept on buzzing in my head:
" I'm not scared of dying
and I, don't really care..."


Matt J said...

That's a LOVELY sketch!

max said...

Thanks Matt, I'm starting to like markers.

Vince M said...

This is outstanding! Your style reminds me of artists like Frank Brangwyn, Dean Cornwell and Andrew Loomis.

Not bad company to be in, I would imagine.

Your taste in music is spot on as well.

max said...

Thanks Vince, I just woke up and found your comment, a great way to start the week.
I now put on some good music to continue on that vibe.