03 January 2007


This morning as I was queuing for the till at Catford's Tesco I took my little sketchbook out and started drawing this very interesting old woman that was sitting after the tills straight in front of me. I took great joy from that little drawing, a small woman with a serene aged face, big glasses, big coat (enough for two of them) and the mandatory shopping trolley. All along my drawing I was trying to catch that arm that she was often raising in quick gestures that I thought were attempts to shelter her eyes from the sun as she gazed in the deep of the supermarket.
I was completely wrong about those quick gestures, the sun was very strong in that moment but as it was in front of me and she had her back to it she obviously didn't need any shelter. The old woman was deaf and mute and was instead communicating with her daughter that was standing behind me. The subject of the communication was obviously my little drawing and as I finished packing my bags and was about to leave with a good sketch in my pocket the woman behind me approached me with a smile mixed to a laughter and told me that I had done a good job and asked me to show it to her mum.
So I did and as she seemed to like it I wrote Happy New Year, tore the page away from the sketchbook and surrendered the sketch to the model.


Elliot said...

The 6th nicest man in the world.

max said...

Yep, working for fifth place.

Vince M said...

That's a nice way to start the new year.

max said...

Sure it is. It's ok sometimes to give away your drawings.
Happy New Year Vince.

Stef said...

Happy new year Max!