06 February 2007

Chief Uwangue and the Portuguese merchants

I discovered that the Horniman Museum is within pram-pushing distance from home. It takes me about 45 minutes and this includes crossing two parks and most of the rest of the route can be done through back streets so I can keep to a minimum mine and Crystal's exposure to car-fumes. The Horniman Museum will no doubt see quite a lot of me in the future.
I was there today and when after lunch Brenda arrived and took charge of baby Crystal I was finally free to roam around. I immediately directed myself to the African collection where I sketched this fabulous brass plaque that once adorned a pillar in the courtyard of the King of Benin.


Matt J said...

Fabulous! I lived in London for 7 years & was aware of the Horniman but never got my ass into gear & went down there, despite being CLOSE on several occasions! I want you to draw EVERYTHING in there to show me what I misseed please!
This image works well with the patterned background, my Louvre pieces could have benefited from some kind of background.

max said...

I will, it's a great little museum with even a very nice garden and conservatory where to red and have coffee. They even have high-chairs to feed babies. I'll try to sketch it all, I'll do what I can.
I could fill a sketchbook only with the ornaments on the dress of Chief Uwangue though. Next I'll do close ups of the two Portuguese merchants. They're top characters.

Horniman Museum said...

Hi Max

We're really glad you've discovered the Horniman Museum! Please come back soon, as we'd love to see more of your sketches. Don't forget about Friday morning's toddler storytelling sessions which take place around the musueu, including the African Worlds gallery. And the Aquarium is very nice too. Come back soon!
Horniman Museum

max said...

Hello there,

thanks for the message, I'll be there very soon to enjoy and sketch more of your wonderful museum. Thanks for the great job that you're doing there.

Vince M said...

Great study, Max. Glad to hear you've found a new treasure trove of inspiration.

max said...

Hi Vince, it is indeed a great place and there's enough stuff there to keep anybody busy sketching for a lifetime.
Not to mention the cafe/garden/conservatory that is pure heaven.

Dan Thompson said...

Great stuff here Max.

max said...

Thanks Dan, you have a few tons of wonderful stuff on your blog. Cheers!