24 February 2007

Pocket Sketchbook

Some sketches from the last two days.
From top, earlier today I was at the Horniman Museum and there were some interesting faces at the Cafe, so, whilst feeding baby Crystal I sketched this young girl by the lovely smile and this man with a great sense of smell (I think he smelled that I was up to something).
Then there is a detail of the conservatory of the Horniman.
After the museum I went to do a bit of Shopping at Tesco in Catford and as I was queuing I drew this imposing woman sitting by her groceries as she searches through her purse.
I also managed to do a quick one of another queue.
Yesterday I was at the Tate Modern so that's their Rodin and my friend Marco as he reads some essential informations.


kate said...

Hi Max, Hornimans must be loving you at the moment.More great sketches. I'm gonna be keepping an eye out now when i'm shopping, especially tescos in catford. ;-)

max said...

Tesco in Catford is "the" place to appreciate people's diversity. I should actually spend some more time there sketching (if I had some more time that is).

andy said...

Fantastic sketches, that Rodin one is just great!

max said...

Thanks Andy, it's a great piece (although Rodin didn't like it much)

R.Dress said...

How did I miss these. I like this group of sketches.

max said...

Thanks Richard. It was a lucky weekend. I think I need to have another one soon.