03 March 2007



chris chua said...

very nice drawing! Always like coming back here and seeing your latest! Keep em coming:)

max said...

Thanks Chris, it's two chaps that I always see on my jogging route. Almost life-drawing from memory.

Vince M. said...

I never do crossword puzzles, my head isn't wired for them.
I guess I can't decipher gag cartoons about them either. I've been looking at this one for days, not all day, mind you, but I do stop by at least once every few days to see what you're up to.

I finally got the joke! And it's a good one.
Subtle, but good.

Forgive me for ever doubting you.

max said...

Hi Vince,
I'm not surprised that it made you raise an eyebrow. It had the same effect on me.
I myself had some doubt about this joke as I realized that it is not an immediate one because it can be interpreted in many different ways and potentially politically charged, ranging between extreme progressive to very reactionary.
The idea presented itself in its complete form as I was jogging and all the time before and during putting it down to paper I wandered about its opportunity. I came to like because of this. Let me assure you that the original intention is
very innocent and is only about crosswords and these two chaps at the park. All other considerations are incidental.

Vince M. said...

I didn't mean to raise a red flag politically, Max. In fact that aspect never even crossed my mind. When I finally "got" the gag I took it as a cute bit of social commentary. Nothing more or less.

I think, as cartoonists, it's our job to take these little snapshots of society.

Truth is, it was the use of the number "5" in the first caption that threw me off. I kept reading it as an "S", thinking you were trying to do a cockney accent.

Hope you're doing well.

max said...

Hi Vince,
I'm doing very well, I'll be posting new artworks again very soon. I've been busy with some deadlines and in all the small time available I've been up to political shenanigans that you can read about in my other blog.

bsleven said...

I like your work. The mussuem studies are great!

: )