22 April 2007

Short poses session

Recently, as I push the pram around Catford I have been bumping into this striking older chap also going around the place pushing a pram. It's just impossible not to notice him, a well groomed long mustache, goatee and ponytail, and a very evident top physical form, lean and tanned, you imagine him doing his daily yoga at sunrise.
As I first saw him I thought "I wish I could draw this guy".
Well, would you believe, this morning as I entered my first life drawing class in a while who do I see there? Yes, him. And it turned out that he wasn't there to draw but to model.
So today it was short poses, good for breaking in after a few months without life drawing. Also good for studying the character. Tomorrow at lunchtime there's another session again with him and I really look forward to the longer poses and to get him right.
By the way, the pram that he's pushing is that of his grand daughter.


james higham said...

Very difficult to post a comment on your site, Max. This is my 7th attempt.

Was the granddaughter also a life model?

max said...

Not at the life drawing session but if we bump into each other as we push prams in Catford again I may be able to draw the pair.