02 May 2007


I've done this small sketch of the entrance to Catford mall today. At the centre of the picture you can see the back of the gigantic fiberglass cat that dominates the entrance to the mall.
The main feature of this place that's missing from the picture is the people and there's a lot of them but as I did this I spoke to about a dozen of them.
Some comments:
- it's coming out good.
- you should learn to make portraits, then you'd make money!
- now what you have to do is to stick it over a canvas and sell it!
- would you do a drawing of my mate that's in jail and has got his birthday next week?
I love that place.


Knit Nurse said...

Talk about seeing it in a totally different light!! Great pictures!

Ctelblog said...

If that's Catford South London, then it looks a lot better than I remember it. What about one of One Tree Hill (Honor Oak)?

max said...

You probably remember it right. I try to put emphasis on the positive side of it.
I have ofter admired the lush of "the one tree" from the top of Hillyfields and I have always wondered about how does it look like from close distance. I might take a trip there one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Splendid, Max. You have a real gift for capturing people and places. This is exactly how I view Catford precinct!

max said...

"Approved by the Man from Catford!"
Thanks Henry, I quite like the place too.