23 May 2007

Turn around plus

Three views of the same pose enhanced with Photoshop. How does one stop fiddling with the computer on a drawing?


messytimbo said...

brill! i really like your drawings,
the one with the little kid getting pulled by her hood is super.

Vince M. said...

Very solid drawing here, Max. I've always admired the confidence in your pencil work. Photoshop colors and effects really add to the overall visual, not an easy thing to do.


max said...

Thanks Timbo, some quick sketches come out fun.

Hi Vince, with photoshop one never knows when you're overdoing. Photoshop is responsible for a lot of cheese in the world but hey, you've got to use some of those effects sometimes.

Chester Greenbag said...

hey max!

Very expresive works pal!, the draws of human figure are not one of my favorites, but this demostration of your habilities changes my point of view.

Clap! Clap! Clap!.