07 July 2007


This Sunday all self-respecting sportsmen must take a few hours leave from the pub. The route of the Tour de France is passing by London.


Tony Mendez said...

Hey Max, you've got some extremely awesome pieces here. I especially loved that comic page you did on your outdoor sketching. It was hilarious. I also get people asking me what I'm doing when I'm sketching. Some tell me they used to draw when they were younger too, but stopped. Also, they always say I should be making cartoons at Disney. If only it were that easy! But I love sketching in public, I'm always pressured to sketch whatever it is I'm sketching as quickly as possible. Good times, man.

R.Dress said...

Hi Max,

Good to hear from you. Wonderful sketches. This guy looks like he can hear them coming!!!!

Vince M. said...

Great linework on this one, Max. Love the colors too. The "white wall' tires on the scooter puts it right over the top!

max said...

Thanks Tony, isn't sketching around a lot of fun? Keep it up.

Hi Robert, you're right, with those flappers he can probably even receive radio signals.

Hi Vince I'm glad you approve of the colours, with the blue and red of the flag and the yellow of the shirt of the tour I ran the risk of making it a bit trashy, I also decided that cans of beer are green, so that's another striking one. I made an effort to keep on "the right side" of trash.
Sportsman wouldn't have anything less that "white wall tyres" for his scooter.