24 August 2007

Kids' play

I've been on baby duties since 7 am this morning. Breakfast, cartoons, running, playing (freeform as well as big ball) and a bit of drawing with baby-safe pastels. Here's our 4-hands-work with the seal of approval that Crystal gave to my half page.
Next week I'm on this schedule most days so look out for more.


Vince M. said...

This is hysterical, I think you've found a theme.

max said...

Hi Vince, this is a lot of fun. Let's see what comes up next, I'm starting to get some interaction between our marks on the page and I'd love to go down that way. To do the full baby experience I should also draw with both hands as she does and that's also a highly recommended technique for improving your drawing so I might actually do that. I'm going to get some more baby-safe (edible) pastels now, much of the palette has disappeared.