13 September 2007

The oldest one and other Londoners

A few sketches of Londoners done recently to mark tomorrow's anniversary of my 10 years in town. The first one is the oldest man I've ever seen in my whole life, he was at the bank a couple of weeks ago, skin like a roast chicken and a spring in his heel, makes you hope.

I balance that with a standard young one from the same queue at the bank.
A couple of readers and texters at the train station.
Two more common transport faces, the vigilant and the energy-wise.


Matt J said...

Max, congrats on 10 yeras as a Londoner! Top drawing's the best-he's been in London for 11 years!

max said...

Yes, and he's one year older than me.

Elliot Cowan said...

10 years?
How're things, Max?

max said...

Hi Elliot,

I'm well thanks, just a bit busy between deadlines and a steep learning curve whose first fruits I will post here soon.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Max. I do so enjoy your work. Do you do commissions?

max said...

Hi Henry, thanks for your kind comment (I owe you a drink now).
As a freelance artist in a way I make my living out of commissions, always open to a new challenge.