25 October 2007

Sore eyes

I spent the past few months taking my first steps in the wonderful world of 3d and I have to say that despite being a merciless trial and error modeling is quite a lot of fun.
Anyway, here's a work in progress that I feel like sharing.


GhettoFab said...

Heya Max!

So what did you end up using to model this? Max, Maya ...

I love three d but its a realm that eludes me...You seem to handle it well

Cheers to you sir and thanks for the comment

max said...

Hi Mel,
I did the base mesh with Maya and then exported it into Zbrush to detail it.
I'm now trying to bring it back into Maya and that's a whole new headache.

UM said...

Can you rotate it at least half as slow? The guy is on speed.

max said...

I calmed him down now, he was euphoric because he knows that this weekend he gets his tattoos done.