30 December 2007

The spotted lady

A diminutive leopard-wearing lady queuing at the bank. They're everywhere.


marcobucci said...

very energetic, spontaneous sketch. I love looking at this stuff.

Vince M. said...

Lordy, little leopard ladies lining up to loot London bankers!
Is that a gun in her hand, Max?

Spontaneity, indeed.

max said...

Thanks, glad you like it, her size in line was a juxtaposition to be noted and the leopard was the icing on the cake!
Her weapon of choice is not the gun but the savings account, that's a little bag and the booklet is in there. Small but holding more money than the GDP of many countries.

Vince M. said...

Bravo, Max!

Matt J said...

I'd love to see a diminutive leopard!

Lena said...

Greetings Max!Super scetches!
Very artly!
Moscow. Lena.