30 September 2008

Rocket Ride 3D

About a month ago I saw Vince Musacchia's Rocket Ride sketch and thought that I had to make it into a 3d model. Thanks Vince.

To see it turning click here (animated gif 2.2Mb).


Vince M. said...

Wow, Max, I can't believe you've done it. It's very strange to see him come to life like this. Strange and wonderful. I can't believe how many details you were able to bring to life. I love it.

max said...

Hi Vince, it was great fun, doing it I could appreciate from the wider view down to the details how good your illustration was. I tried to stay as faithful as I could and it's really good to hear that you approve of what came out.

Vince M. said...

Hi Max! We have, or used to have a 3-D printer here at Disney Consumer Products. And I've been wondering if this could work with it. I'm going to sniff around and find out where it's gone to, as they've moved it. If it is possible to print out some "hard copies", I'll make one for each of us.

I'll even paint yours if you like.

I can never thank you enough for this wonderful gesture, Max. Hope you're doing well!

max said...

Whoooa, that'd be fabulous. And very exciting!!

I did some studying into 3d printing and last month I contacted a 3d printing service here in London and did a "dry run" with Eeyore and Piglet. I just prepared the file according to the requirements that they gave me, just to know how to do it and the prices, then I submitted it and had a chat about it with the machine operator that told me that what I had done was right.

So, if your machine has the same requirements I just need to go through the model and fix a few things to make them 3d print ready.

I have some concern about the eyebrows, we need to check with the machine operator if that solution for the eyebrows prints well, it could be that it's a bit intricate and small to print neatly, in that case we just change the stylization towards a more traditional bushy eyebrow that's surely more print-friendly.

Matt J said...

Wow, another great model-hope you're finding gainful employment with this new skill?

max said...

Thanks Matt, I have to give full credit to Vince for the great drawing that inspired me.
I am quite busy with the old skills now actually but next time I'm without a job for longer than a week I'll start look around.

R.Dress said...

Looking good Max!

The M. Tylerbot said...

hey nice 3d models

i'd like to see your wireframes, if thats a possibility.



max said...

Thanks Tyler. Sure, I'll prepare a page with the meshes and put it up soon.
I do everything in Zbrush, first with Zsphere and then normally halfway through the process I retopolgize.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Super work !! Neat blog too !!!