11 December 2008

Top row!

Since Tuesday night the highly prestigious "top row" of Zbrush Central has a thumbnail image linking to my illustration that I had submitted to that website.
When I saw it my eyes popped.
As a 3d artist I'm just a beginner and I'm humbled by the proximity of phenomenal talents of 3d art as next thumbnail neighbours on the top row of Zbrush Central.

The presence of the link on the top row has meant that in the past two days my entry has been viewed 7,698 times and that about 450 people visited this blog coming from there.
If you're one of them here's my warm Zsalute to you.
This is my blog, be my guest.


~OzMaddy said...

I am one of those who clicked on the thumbnail of your wonderously funny illustration, and had to come check out your blog.

I am a noob to ZBrush, and that image truly is inspirational as well as intimidating. Well Done!


max said...

Thanks ~OzMaddy, it isn't meant to be intimidating but I see the potential.

Matt J said...

Well done Max!

Anonymous said...

Felicidades bien hecho.

Well done men

max said...