04 April 2009

Garden Poetry Impro

My daughter in the garden, having bread and butter and improvising poetry. Among other things she mentioned the moon, sausages and worms.


Vince M said...

Hey, Max. I've been meaning to say that I really like this one. I have grand daughters, and I've seen two of them go through this stage.

I love the way children seem to go into their own world.
Imagination is a wonderful gift.

max said...

Thanks Vince, glad to hear you like it, I am actually very pleased with it myself, even my wife says that I caught her.
It's really great to see and hear children trying to make sense of all things of the world at once. Chain of thoughts, improbable connections, the stuff creativity is made of.

Oscar Grillo said...

Asi empezo Salvatore Quasimodo.