25 December 2009

Orson Welles Sketchbook

There's a BBC4 Orson Welles season on and among films there is a fabulous series of talks and drawings by the man himself entitled Orson Welles' Sketchbook. You can catch it on BBC iPlayer for a few days (link).


Matt J said...

Bah! I'm in France for a month & can't access iplayer! Great drawing of Welles-he's not easy to capture. I've been fascinated by the man & his career for years. Have you read Simon Callow's books on Welles?

I saw'Me & Orson Welles' recently-the actor portraying Welles does well-he certainly has the voice.

Merry Xmas to you & the family Max.

max said...

Ah, pity, he draws live for the camera. With a feather! He may be hard to draw but he does very effective stylized self-portaits.
I'm not surprised, he was bound to be a good sketcher.
I haven't read Simon Callow books on him, I didn't know about them but just checked and they do look interesting, maybe.

All the bestest Xmas Wishes to you too Matt.

Matt J said...

Yes, Welles was a talented artist-he designed most of the sets of his early stage work. Have you seen the 'Macbeth' film Welles made? Brilliant set.

I see that Callow himself is presenting a new documentary on Welles' travels around Europe-it may be online when i get back.

max said...

True! I had forgot about that, yes I did see Macbeth. Must watch it again asap. Pity it's not part of the current Welles' season.
I look forward to the Callow documentary, great!

Oscar Grillo said...

Wasn't it WONDERFUL?!!...

max said...

Great series indeed, and good documentaries.
I still need to watch Macbeth though.