22 October 2006

I like to party!

Saturday at the pub to the birthday party of the very nice Elliot, a wonderful artist that recently moved to London from Tasmania.
A good bunch of people and nobody shying away from paying a round!

Also at the party there were Matt (from England), Stephane (France), Boris (Holland), Oscar and Patricia (Argentina), a Scotsman, two Americans and three more Tasmanians.
Lots of rounds of drinks led to lively artistic and political discussions, sketches and sketchbooks swapping hands, a trouser swap and a diplomatic incident!
Incredibly today I don't have a hangover! Is it because of the tequilas?

Here's a how Matt drew me and Elliot.

Here's my retaliatory sketch of Matt.

I had a great time.
Thank you Elliot!


Patricia said...

So had we, it was very nice to meet you Max.

max said...

Hi there Patricia.
We'll catch up again soon.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

Elliot had less clothes on than that.

max said...

Maybe from behind?

Elliot said...

My dick is smaller too, I'm afraid.

Boris Hiestand said...

it was nice meeting you Max- you're an extraordinary draftsman!

see you soon

max said...

Hi Boris, thanks, too kind. You're quite cool yourself. See you soon.

Elliot, I would think so, that's got the same proportion of Goody's head!

max said...

Goofy's head of course.

Vince M said...

Boy, you've really nailed Matt.

In a manner of speaking, of course.

max said...

Of course!

He did me quite well too. Again in a manner of speaking.

Matt J said...

Ha! Funny, great to see these caricatures.

max said...

Hi Matt, they're not caricatures, they're more realistic portraits.