15 October 2006

I'm not eating it!

On Satuday I attended a public consultation on a development here in Lewisham that should also provide the new sports centre.
This little doodle-sketch expresses the temptation to just say 'yes, you're right' and walk away, eventually I ended up telling the Council officers that the consultation questionnaire was an insulting and patronizing nonsense.
Our local Mayor had tried to sell us this project as a "flagship state-of-the-art wet and dry sports and leisure centre", now that the plan is publicly available it all boils down to a series of massive housing blocks with a small pool in the basement.


Matthew Cruickshank said...

Bad news after all your efforts max, sure you can turn it round.

This saturday at The Dove in Hammersmith it's Elliot Cowens birthday. Will be there from 1 p.m onwards. Please come and meet the amazing artists that will preside over Elliot's vomit.

max said...

It isn't bad news, I'm not eating it.

Saturday in Hammersmith then. Thanks for the invitation. See you there.