27 November 2006


I haven't been updating this blog much recently for the reason that I had quite a lot of work to do (good) and busy keeping up with deadlines I haven't done much drawing apart from work, then there is the fact that my wife started working again and therefore I'm wearing my daddy-hat for a few hours almost every day (I love it) and there you go, that's all my time gone!
So here's a rare drawing from work.

This is all from me, concept, clean up, inking and colour! That's a rare event and that's why I make an exception to my self-imposed rule of not posting stuff from work.

On the life-life side here's the polaroid of me, my wife Brenda and our baby daughter Crystal taken by the shop assistant that last week sold us our daughter's first pair of shoes. I'm quite proud of my daughter starting her upright life with the same brand of comfortable shoes that her daddy uses.

The past week also saw one of the highlights of my political life.
Last Wednesday the Council voted unanimously for a motion welcoming the Mayor's decision of not demolishing the swimming pool and congratulating me and the campaign for the job done to keep it open.
This is for me a tremendous honor, and Cllr Andrew Milton made a fantastic speech where he described the Mayor's two personalities and compared me to Emperor Nero.
This may sound not much of a compliment but I took it from Milton that has a degree in history from Oxford that it was so. I checked a bit on the net and it seems to be true that Nero was a much better guy than what we commonly think.
In fact I don't know if I'm more proud of my personal mention in the motion approved by the Council or the great compliment that Andrew made me with his speech.

In this photo Cllr Andrew Milton addresses Lewisham Council with one of his extraordinary speeches.
This photo was taken a few months ago actually but the situation was exactly the same, to the naked eye Council meetings tend to look one like the other (those in the know of events at Council will spot that the photo is not of the most recent meeting as the two conservatives in the second row now sit on the other side of the Council chamber following the distribution of Libdem leaflets in Grove Park, a Conservative Ward!).

Back to work now!


Matthew Cruickshank said...

Looks like a gladiatorial ring. You triumphed Russel Crowe.

max said...

Strength and honor!
Some Council meetings are quite aggressive indeed.

bob said...

I like your Clarks first shoes photo. I still display my son's first shoes photo from Clarks. Amazing how well they have colonised that little piece of sentimental parent territory.

And congratulations, of course, on the Council victory.