16 November 2006

Local Press Review

These are two of the most read items in Lewisham this week.
One is a leaflet distributed by the local Labour Party entitled "Mayor Saves Ladywell Pool", the other is the local newspaper the News Shopper that on the front page attributes the saving of the same pool to a particular manoeuvre of the same Mayor: a U-turn!
It also carries a photo of me, my friend John and his daughter Rosa during a fancy-dress demonstration outside the Town Hall, next to us, the Mayor.
The other local Newspaper, the Mercury has instead a group photo taken on Monday at the pool. I had also invited the Mayor to be with us at the photo-shoot but he was busy so the Deputy Mayor Cllr Heidi Alexander was there with us instead.
In the photo I'm the one with the broadest smile in the back row, the Deputy mayor is next to me.
The reporter that wrote the article asked me for a comment and I said "it's job done". She liked that .


Andrew Brown said...

It's probably the shortest speech you've ever made Max. ;-)

max said...

Almost speechless.
I think that I became a bit conscious of some excessive length in my public speaking and the effort is paying back.

Matthew Cruickshank said...


Max, you know we are all waiting for a picture of you in your Speedo's. Why didn't THAT get on the front page?

max said...

It didn't because I'm shy. I was actually asked to be photographed in speedo's but declined the invitation, I need to do some more swimming and less pub-crawling before agreeing to that.