07 June 2007

Mandatory Olympic Post

A £400k bill and people drop down with epileptic fits at the sight of it.
Can anybody resist from having fun at the expenses of the organisers of the Olympics in London?
Here's my humble tribute to the Olympic committee.

Click on the thumbnail below to see it as flash animation.

Read more about it on my other blog.


Vince M. said...

What a piece of shite.
I heard about this on a local newscast, but didn't get to see it.

max said...

Good, the world must know. I'm really pleased that news about it got all the way there.
It's so bad that it makes it hard to comment. It would be shapeless if it wasn't for the fact that it reminds me of somebody shitting.

leenewham said...

The problem with all the reporting is that hte logo didn't cost £400,000...the branding did which includes movies, posters, research, consultation, more research, design amends, letterheads, signage, guidelines. It a lot of work and much more than JUST a logo (I work for a branding and design agency). No company would get £400,000 for just that.

I'm sure that in the coming months there will be some more exciting adaptatins of the logo. I hope so, because spersonally what I have seen up to now is..well, shit.

max said...

I'm sure that £400k is for a good bundle of services and the design of the logo is only one of them but that's not the whole bill as I discovered reading this http://tinyurl.com/2x2bk7