17 June 2007

On the threshold

Who is he? What is he saying? I don't know. And it's extremely crude. A pointless thing to do but once I started I just couldn't stop.


Vince M. said...

Wow, Max, you're reaching for a higher branch with this one. I don't think I'll ever have enough courage to attempt animation, but I salute your efforts here. Can you tell me a bit about it; how did you create it, what software did you use, etc...

I think it's very cool.
Glad to see you're pushing the envelope!

max said...

Hi Vince, I did it all in Photoshop and ancillary package Imageready.
It's quite easy to do really. If you have a multi-layered image than you can animate it. At the bottom of the toolbox of photoshop there's a button to bounce the file into Imageready where you assign the correct layer to each frame and you can also decide how long each frame lasts.
It's truly a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

hi max its millie and greg i love this one !!

millie and greg

ps. love to crystal