26 February 2008


Back to the Horniman for some more African masks. I spotted this group that I thought was very cleverly laid and decided to go for it.
I purposely decided not to read the description before drawing, to try to get a feel for what they stood for from observation.
They turned out to be Mbuya masks from Congo, modelled from dying people!


Vince M. said...

Love the look of this one Max. Beautiful tones and forms. I hope you're doing well.

max said...

Hi Vince, doing very well, thanks.
The forms, you're right, that's what caught my attention, a group of masks with a lot of differences and the exhibition is in a overall very dark room, things stand out very well, a great illumination with wonderful shadows. In fact I skipped life drawing this week to go and draw them.

Matt J said...

Bravo! Anymore?

max said...

Yeah, soon my daughter will start nursery, that means quite some life back.

Urban Barbarian said...

Yowzers! Very nicely done! I'm digging the sepia tone!!!