17 February 2008


As the usual room was taken by another activity, life drawing at the Art House this weekend took place in a room with a large skylight straight on top of the model and a glorious bright sun above.
In the bottom picture there's the room during a break, but not the skylight.
Unfortunately the use of this room was a one off.


Oscar Grillo said...

Art House?

max said...

Hi Oscar,

the Art House here in Lewisham is where I do my life drawing.

It's the former Deptford Library, one of the many libraries donated by Carnegie, it's now artists' studios and the top floor has these fantastic skylights, greenhouse-type Victorian roof. Great light for drawing.

Oscar Grillo said...

This is art!!!!

L'era mai succes
ho nanca trovaa un cess
me sunt cagaa adoss a Montecarlo
Merda a non finir
spuzza da impazzir
se voltaven tucc a Montecarlo.
Gh'era el vent a l'incuntrari
gn'era nanca un orinari..
Merda in di mudand
merda in mezz ai gamb
ho impieni de merda Montecarlo

Sur la promenad
gh'er di grand cagad
scarligaven tucc a Montecarlo
Anca in riva al mar
l'era on pati-noir
on pati-noir de merd (naturalmont) a Montecarlo
- Oh mon dieu che tanf! si sente
mai c'est l'odor de la merd -la dis la gente
merda in di calzett
merda in del collet
l'era pien de merda MOntecarlo!

Ma che paes de merda Montecarlo
e mi che vegni pu' a Montecarlo!

(manca ..
El Ranieri cont la Grace
non si davano piu' pace
el me lett ecc.)

max said...

...El Ranieri con la Grace

Non si danno ormai più pace

Dicon le rivist

Adesso che hanno vist

“Ma che paes de merda


Ma mi ghe vegni pù

a Montecarlo

Ma mi ghe vegni pù

a Montecarlo