16 February 2009

That Action Hero in full

The Action Hero contest at Zbrush Central ended last Friday at midnight Pacific time, that's 8 am on Saturday here on the Greenwich meridian. I submitted my final entry within 30 minutes of deadline, after one of those neverending shifts of work that I recently seem to do rather often.

Anyway, here are two final renders, the first one is my official final entry, it's almost a pure Zbrush render with only a touch of post work in Photoshop, the other is one of the additional renders I've done, that received only a slightly larger amount of Photoshop fiddling.

It's been a priceless learning experience, working for two months alongside a large contingent of seriously talented artists exposes you to a lot of thinking around all aspects of these kind of productions, a constant flow of constructive criticism were kindly given and gratefully received and it's been of great benefit to all those involved.
But it was also exhausting and I won't be doing another one in a hurry, for two months running I literally used all my available time to make progress on this piece.
Time to apply what I've learned and also get some balance in my life as well as my artistic life with some good old drawings.


Vince M said...

I'm always amazed at the amount of detail in your final pieces, Max. So many great things going on here.
It looks like you're really taking to this Zbrush software.

max said...

Hi Vince, yes, I really love using Zbrush.
And one of the things I used this contest for has been to step up my modeling of mechanical elements.
It's really a software you can use to design things and model them at the same time. Fun, fun, fun! To a dangerous level. Once you get stuck into a Zbrush session it's hard to let it go.

Matt J said...

Crazy model- great expression. Lots of energy in this one

max said...

Cheers, glad you feel the energy, I really worked on that, and it was a phenomenal amount of work.