02 March 2009

The artist having a coffee after a shower

The artist's golden life, here in self-portrait.
I showed this to my daughter though and asked her, who is this. "A funny face" she answered laughing.


Vince M said...

Now I understand how you are able to get so many projects going at the same time.

There's a lot of great drawing and rendering in this one, Max.

max said...

Vince, what! I thought you had 4 arms as well?
I still need a second head asap though.

To make a decent render like that in Zbrush is actually very easy. There are Zbrush materials that come with the information about light so you don't really have to do much to get a decent result. Apart from a bit of Photoshop tweaking with adjustment layers to bring out the best of it of course.
If you want to mix materials, have different light and all that, like in the Damage renders all gets more complicated but doing a render like that is a piece of cake.

Vince M said...

Sure, Mate, but if the initial drawing sucks it all goes to hell. Right?

And that's where I give you most credit. You're my hero, Max Calo.

Thanks for showing me and others what a thinking artist can achieve,

max said...

Vince, thanks for liking it so much.
I'm not sure I gave it too much thought though, it just came out right.
Not trying too hard pays off maybe, which is a bit upsetting when you really try and all you pull out is not up to your expectation.

Matt J said...

Weird! Could be a character from JOHN CARTER ON MARS. Nice model though-

max said...

You got me googling. I surely look forward to that.