29 July 2009

Victoria to Bellingham

I just finished this piece of political agitation that I produced in record time for a campaigning action of the local Libdems asking Transport for London to bring forward the forecast Victoria to Bellingham train route, a very important improvement to South East London's public transport network that's been scrapped with very specious reason, hence the flying pigs.

More about it here and here.


Vince M said...

Very cool layout, Max. I like the mix of different textures and the loose line work. The black area also frames everything nicely.

I have to drive over a railroad crossing every day, going to and from Disney. And I'm always on the lookout for a "Phantom Train".

max said...

Phantom train there too, must be the same line.
I wish I had time to do this better, the loose line work was a necessity, as was everything else. I'm pleased with the clouds textures though, it's a couple of custom brushes I made myself in Photoshop.